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As an investment management leader with over 40 years of experience, we offer a broad and deep investment platform that seeks to consistently deliver world-class investment results and exceptional client service. Our focus on real estate and infrastructure, comprehensive capabilities and commitment to our clients gives us a distinct competitive advantage.  
With portfolio managers who are real estate and real asset experts on the ground in 20 countries, we actively manage and operate assets to seek to maximize returns, moving capital effectively and efficiently across borders, and providing our clients value around the world.
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Our Investment Research & Expertise Set Us Apart

Private Equity Real Estate

The firm sponsors real estate investment programs across the risk/return spectrum in the Americas, Europe and Asia for investors worldwide. Programs include a complete range of investment solutions delivered through separate accounts and commingled funds.

Real Asset Securities

With a focus on listed real estate and infrastructure securities, CBRE Clarion Securities provides actively managed investment solutions for clients worldwide.

Global Investors & Energy Procurement Solutions

We are partnering to offer EnerSource, EPS’ new system that seamlessly sources energy by connecting with suppliers in our automated marketplace, quickly capturing low price opportunities while cost effectively managing your energy supply data and budget for a fraction of the cost of a “traditional” energy broker.

Industrial & Logistics Research

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